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Welcome to Blawd Ac Ati
Hay and Straw
Since 1992, Blawd Ac Ati have been supplying and delivering hay, straw and animal feed to the agricultural and farming communities and to the horse and pony owners in Gwynedd.
Blawd Ac Ati offer a wide range of products to suit all animals nutritional requirements -and staff are always happy to advise.
Open six days a week between 9am and 5pm.  Saturdays - 9am - 12(noon).
Closed on Sunday, Bank Holidays, Christmas Day and Boxing Day.
Barley Straw - Ideal for animal bedding and for animal feeding
Wheat Straw - Ideal for animal bedding
Oat Straw - Ideal for animal feeding
Meadow Hay - Suitable feed for cattle, sheep and ponies
Horse Hay - Suitable feed for working horses and ponies
Threshed Hay - Suitable feed for cattle
Haylage - Suitable feed for horses and farm animals
Shavings - Dust extracted white wood chips for animal bedding
Bale Type
Mini Hesston 4750 or D1010
D1000 or D4000
Conventional Flat 8’s
Conventional Flat 10’s
Conventional Flat 15’s
Approx. Weight
250kg - 350 kg
240 kg - 290 kg
170 kg - 240 kg
15 kg - 25 kg
25 kg - 35 kg
15 kg - 21 kg
Approx. Size
2.5 metres long
2.5 metres long
2.5 metres long
1 metre long
1.25 metres long
0.9 metres long
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lorry loaded with hay
blocks of hay in barn
Sign: Blawd ac Ati - Masnachwyr Porthiant: Feed Merchant.
lorry carrying hay
barn loaded with hay
small van loaded with hay
Blawd Ac Ati,  Rhedynog Isaf,  Chwilog,  Pwllheli,  Gwynedd.  LL53 6LQ   Telephone: 01766 810387
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