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Animal Feed
Complementing the hay and straw supply and delivery, Blawd Ac Ati offer a comprehensive range of:-
Compound feeds for all livestock 
Organic feeds for all classes of livestock 
Non-GM feeds for all stock 
Coarse mixes for cattle, sheep, calves and equines 
Blends and meals 
Feeding blocks 
Dog and Cat Food 
Wild Bird Food
*Animal Feed can be supplied in Bulk, 750 kg tote bags or 25 kg bags
Blawd Ac Ati are agents for H. J. Lea Oakes Ltd
Blawd Ac Ati run a Livery Yard offering grazing and stabling for local Horse and Pony owners. The Livery options are:-
Full Livery 
Part Livery 
DIY Livery 
Grass Livery (May to October) 

The yard offers large stables either individual or grill partitioning including a large foaling box. 
We have plenty of grazing in a variety of sized fields and paddocks 

24 hours supervision by knowledgeable staff 
We cater for all ages from young stock to veterans 
All weather ménage available for hire 
Small saddlery shop on site
Bring your horse on holiday to Wales:-
Want to ride your horse on the beach, take him up the mountains or into the forest? Then bring him with you on holiday! Blawd Ac Ati can provide livery for your horse or pony while you are on holiday in North Wales. Stabling and grazing or just grazing, we endeavour to accommodate your horse’s every need, plus we have parking for your lorry or trailer. For that extra peace of mind, holidaying horses are grazed separately from residential horses, thus avoiding any upsets to the holiday.
Horse and Animal Sitting:-
Want to go away on holiday? Want someone to look after your horse/pony, goats or chickens? Experienced staff can visit your animals, feed, water and make sure they are healthy and happy whilst you are away.

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Grass Livery (May to October)
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All weather ménage available for hire
Blawd Ac Ati,  Rhedynog Isaf,  Chwilog,  Pwllheli,  Gwynedd.  LL53 6LQ   Telephone: 01766 810387
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